K2: This week I assisted both classes while they completed their meat and eggs projects. Within Kindergarten, they correlate their art lessons with their topic lessons. This is something I strongly encourage any school, as well as, grade to do. The students get the chance to build their skills while learning about the topic. Within Kindergarten, the common topic that is currently being discussed is food. This includes degustation, food pyramid, and common health.
K3: Just like K2, my lesson corresponded with their topic lessons. Both of the classes made tomatoes and grapes. Though each and every fruit turned out differently, they all practiced their skills of cutting, folding,

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Hike up to the temple this morning! 

More pictures from the Art Show!

Art Show that I hosted yesterday during the Parent+Teacher conferences. Overall it turned out wonderful!

P2’s Traditional Keepsakes in progress. 

K3 took a field trip to the grocery store! They got the chance to pick whatever they wanted that was under 20MOP. (equivalent to three US dollars) At the end, they also got the experience of purchasing their items and receiving the change.

P1’s expression interchangeable booklets in progress. 

Picnic after exams. The parents were welcomed to join us at the park to play with their children and talk with the teachers.

Preparing for the Art Show I am hosting next Saturday morning! 

The school has also asked me to make some things for their 65th Anniversary next year. Though it was exam week and I did not have any lessons, I kept busy by preparing for the Art Show and helping out other teachers.